Quality Policy

Fourier Systems Ltd.
June 2011

  • The company’s management affirms that adherence to competitive market forces requires that the company provide reliable and efficient service to its customers, and that all of the products produced and services provided by the company are of a consistent high quality.  To this end, the company has established a quality management system in compliance with ISO-9001
  •  The company’s quality management system aims to guarantee total customer satisfaction by reducing manufacturing costs, minimizing environment damage, ensuring the company’s profitability and adhering to the following:
    •  The company’s products will comply with the technical specifications, as well as operational specifications regarding the environment
    • Adhering to delivery schedules and agreements with customers
    • Providing customers with professional service that addresses their needs even after the product is delivered, and in accordance with company’s policies
    • Increasing awareness of the importance of quality and environment among employees
  • The company’s management is committed to an ongoing and continuous process, by utilizing all possible means, of improving the quality of the products and services that are provided to customers
  • The company’s management acknowledges that the quality of its products and services are dependent on the involvement and activities of its employees, in order to achieve its goals
  • Management will allocate the necessary resources, determine measurable quality goals, instruct employees, and conduct surveys, in order to implement the policy and determine ways to improve the quality management system
  • Management will affirm compliance with all laws, regulations and statutes as they apply to the company’s activities


Ken Zwiebel, CEO – Fourier Systems