Fourier Education Releases Dual Axis Magnetic Sensor

November 1,2012 – Rosh Haayin, Israel – Fourier Education, a global pioneer in the science education technology industry, announced the launch of its Dual Axis Magnetic sensor (DT036), which facilitates the easy measurement of magnetic field components, thus allowing students to directly experience and understand an otherwise intangible principle.

Because a magnetic field is a vector, it is extremely challenging to demonstrate this invisible and complex physical concept to students.  Fourier’s new magnetic sensor makes the unseen tangible and exemplifies Fourier’s commitment to developing innovative science education technology tools.

The sensor’s unique combination of dual axis measurement, together with three different ranges (±0.2mT, ±40mT, ±100mT) opens the door to a world of fascinating magnetic field experiments, enhanced by superior resolution and unbeatable accuracy. 

The sensor is sensitive enough to capture the vertical and horizontal components of Earth’s magnetic field, provides the accuracy required for the measurements of coils and features significant resolution to measure the magnetic field of solenoids.

“Fourier’s new Dual Axis Magnetic sensor addresses the call from science teachers to deliver more advanced education technology sensors and this is our answer,” said Ken Zwiebel, CEO of Fourier Education.