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Fourier’s NOVA LINK data logger (formerly USBLink) is transforming science education across the globe. NOVA LINK is a budget-friendly sensor interface, converting any computer into a science learning station. NOVA LINK enables students to directly experience and understand otherwise intangible science principles and helps them present and relate scientific concepts to the real world.

Included with NOVA LINK is the full version of Fourier’s award winning MultiLab™ data analysis software. Together, NOVA LINK and MultiLab unlock an advanced set of science discovery tools covering the full spectrum of the science project cycle in as little as one lesson. 

Thanks to the NOVA LINK data logger and its low price, I could provide a complete set of equipment to every single student in my class. So they are truly independent in the experimental approach. FOURIER sensors are high quality products and provide fast, repeatable and reliable measurements. The results can be interpreted very easily thanks to the graphical and mathematical analysis tools included in the MultiLab software.   
Florence D.
High school Physics teacher and TICE member in Metz/Nancy academy. 

Key Features

  • Plug-n-play data logging (auto sensor detection)

  • High frequency online sampling rate up to 10,000 samples per second

  • Simultaneous data collection from up to 8 sensors

  • Works with Fourier's over 65 scientific sensors

  • Powered by USB port

  • Bundled with the FULL version of MultiLab Data analysis software


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Technical Spec

  • Inputs
    • Auto ID mode: Up to 4 simultaneous analog inputs or 4 digital inputs with automatic sensor identification
    • 8 Inputs mode: Up to 8 simultaneous analog inputs or 4 simultaneous digital inputs and 4 analog inputs
  • Outputs
    • USB 2.0 specification compliant
    • 4 Digital Control Outputs
  • Sampling Resolution: 12-bit
  • Sampling Rate A/D up to 10 ksps:
    • 1 sensor = 10 ksps
    • 2 sensors = 2 x 5 ksps
    • 3 sensors = 3 x 3.3 ksps
    • 4 sensors = 4 x 2.5 ksps

* Sampling rate calculation = 10K ÷ number of sensors

  • NOVALINK Features
    • Works with all Fourier sensors
    • LED that will indicate device connection and will blink while sampling
    • Variety of mechanical interfaces for attaching to computer LCD or standard laboratory stand
  • Power Supply: Powered by USB port
  • Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 73 gr
  • Standard Compliance: FCC, CE
  • Accessories:
    • Cable adapter for Vernier sensors
    • Com. Cable
    • Splitter Cable

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