EcoLab for EcoLogXL

Making Science Learning
Enjoyable for Young Students

The EcoLab data analysis software, for use with the EcoLogXL data logger, is designed to make science learning enjoyable for younger students. Using EcoLab, students can display their data in creative, colorful formats with easy-to-use data analysis tools.  EcoLab engages students with a wide range of multimedia analysis tools, including audio and video features that allow students to view and share online or recorded movies of their experiments.

Students will find EcoLab to be a very user-friendly introduction to data measurement and meters (including analog, bar, digital and color). EcoLab’s intuitive dashboard provides real-time readings, indicated by a change of color.


Among EcoLab’s features is the ability to auto-export data to Excel or other Officecompatible applications. In addition, it includes a pedagogical tool for teachers called Workbook, which contains HTML worksheet templates. Workbook is a lab template that gives students a step-by-step preview of the activity and automatically configures EcoLab accordingly, so that the student can begin collecting data. Students can add notes or answer questions in text files directly from the Workbook window and add them to the project report.

EcoLab also comes with automatic analysis tools such as linear fit, slope, area and statistics, allowing students to perform a range of data analysis, adding pedagogic value to their experiments. Also featured is data pattern prediction which pauses the online data display, enabling students to record on screen predictions, and then allow the real data to resume downloading; students can then compare the real results with their prediction.

Key Benefits

Key Features

  • Graph, video, table, four types of meter displays

  • Multimedia reports of experiments with data, video, audio and text files

  • Online or recorded video stream of the actual experiment

  • Record audio comments

  • Works with USB port

  • Automatic COM port recognition

  • Real-time online data transfer display

  • Automatic and manual data download

  • Quick export of data to Excel

  • Data Analysis: Integral, Slope Smoothing (averaging), Statistics

  • Measurement readings are facilitated by locating cursors on the graphic display

  • Advanced zooming and panning tools

  • Predict Tool graphically predict the results

  • Workbooks lab manuals with quick EcoLab setup

  • Text annotation

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP / 7; Mac OS 10.4-10.6