Weather Station

A great tool for teaching earth
science & monitoring your local weather

Weather Station

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Fourier’s Weather Station is a sturdy, solar-powered, wireless unit for teaching Earth Science to middle school and high school students. This, easy-to-use station features 6 built-in sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Rain Collector, Wind Speed and Wind Direction.

The weather station features a wireless data transmitter that transmits data to a receiver connected to the PC USB or serial port, with a range of 300 meters.

WeatherLab 2.5 
Analyzing the data with the WeatherLab software enables students to create monthly weather reports, view real-time data, compare results with earlier data, perform functions like average, minimum, maximum and export data to spread sheets. This allows users to easily configure different types of stations by selecting different sensors.

In addition, the WeatherLab application allows students to present data in a number of different views, such as, meter, graph and table. Recorded data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis and mathematical manipulation.

Key Features

  • Robust meteorological apparatus with 6 sensors

  • Weather Lab�, user-friendly data analysis software

  • Wireless data transmission up to 300 meters

  • Solar-powered

  • Carrying case for field installation

Featured Experiments

WeatherLab 2.5 Features

WeatherLab 2.5 Key Features:

 Real-time Data

  • Real-time live weather data monitoring with eight simultaneous graph and meter displays – for example:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Rainfall
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
  • Option to define and display other vendor sensors
  • Daily monthly, yearly rain bars
  • Wind direction represented by compass rose, frequency or vector graphs
  • Daily minimum and maximum temperature readings
  • Dew point calculations

Archived Data

  • Archive station data reports: calculating totals and averages
  • Data viewing in single or multiple graph and table modes
  • Analyze weather trends
  • Data display tools: zoom, marker, and pan
  • Print or export data to Excel


Technical Spec


Input Sensors Range Accuracy
  Temperature -40 to 60ºC  ±0.2º
  Humidity 0 to 100 % RH ±1.5%
  Barometric Pressure 1500 to 1150mBar ±15mB
  Rain Collector 819mm ±0.2mm
  Wind Speed 5 to 282km/h ±5km/h
  Wind Direction 0 to 360 º ±7º
Output USB, Serial or RF connection
Sampling Rates From 1 sample per hour to 1 sample per second
Sampling Memory 104,000 samples
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Power Supply Solar Panel + rechargeable battery or external power
Software WeatherLab™ 2.5
RF Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
  Range: 300m (75m indoors)
  Power: 10dBm
  ETS 300 – 220 compliance
Standards Compliance CE, FCC