Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Effective: September, 2009         Rev 1.03

The Fourier Systems Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides a detailed description of service provision from Fourier Education to its customers. A Fourier customer can be defined as:

  • Distributor: A company purchasing Fourier products and services for reselling to their own customers.
  • End user: Organization or individual who has purchased Fourier products and services from an authorized Fourier distributor or directly from Fourier.

Note: Fourier’s warranty terms as outlined in this SLA are relevant only for customers who purchase directly from Fourier and not via a Fourier distributor.


SLA Duration

This SLA commits to providing product support for a period of five years from the shipment date of your Fourier purchase.

Note that the product warranty is limited and is detailed elsewhere in this document.

Services Delivered

Services covered in this SLA are as follows:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Technical Support
  • Product Repair (RMA)

Fourier will endeavor to provide professional, well-informed and punctual service to its customers, under the terms of this SLA.

Products Covered in this SLA

All products listed in the Ordering section of the Fourier Education website are covered by this SLA.

All accessories associated with these products are also covered, although some of these accessories may not be included in the Limited Warranty conditions.

Order Fulfillment

This section outlines the process for order fulfillment by Fourier staff. All orders are processed by the Order Fulfillment (OF) department and are relevant to orders received at Fourier via email, Web or Fax.

  1. Within two business days of a Sales Order (SO) arriving at Fourier (via email or Fax), the SO is entered into Fourier’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system by the OF agent.
  2. Within two business days of the SO being entered into the ERP system, the OF agent will receive confirmation of the Lead Time (LT) for this SO followed by final approval. The LT will then be forwarded to the customer.
  3. The default LT is two weeks from approval of SO but this may be extended in special circumstances such as unforeseen shortage of inventory or for special orders.
  4. In the event of any delay to the original LT, the OF agent will notify the customer for approval of the amended LT, as well as the relevant Sales agent.
  5. Once the SO is ready for delivery, it will be shipped to the customer via courier or freight (unless notified otherwise) with relevant documentation. All shipping costs will be covered by the customer (unless otherwise stated in the customer order).
  6. Customers ordering from Fourier for the first-time will be required to pay in advance for the shipment unless otherwise agreed with the Fourier Sales agent.
  7. Established customers will receive payment terms in accordance with their Fourier distributor agreement.
  8. Orders will not be released to the customer if the customer has outstanding debts to Fourier. Once the debt has been paid the order will be released.

OF will verify the order has arrived properly to the customer. Orders may be placed as follows:

  • Email:
  • Fax (USA): 1 708 478 5502
  • Web:

The Technical Support section of this SLA describes the minimum guaranteed service levels provided to Fourier customers.Technical Support Help Desk

Fourier’s Commitment

Fourier Education commits to providing solutions to all customers in a prompt, reliable, and friendly manner, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable customer experience at all levels. Fourier’s trained customer service representatives will bring comprehensive technical knowledge and quality service to each customer case that they handle.

General Regulations

  1. Fourier provides support services to users of Fourier products, including Fourier partners, as well as to potential customers.
  2. The Fourier Help Desk does not provide direct onsite support. This is provided by the Fourier distributor, or by Fourier Help Desk engineers under a separate, extended SLA between customer and Fourier Systems.
  3. Prior to contacting Fourier for support services, Fourier expects the customer to study all relevant product documentation and online FAQ located at Fourier’s web sites.
  4. Technical support department cannot resolve problems concerning third-party hardware or software products, even if used in conjunction with Fourier products.
  5. Technical support requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis with Fourier reserving the right to assign different priority level for each support request.
  6. The problem resolving period depends on problem complexity and the potential need to handle the request over to internal Fourier departments.

6.1. Problems that cannot be resolved in the context of the current hardware or software version are sent to the Fourier R&D department. The fix will be added to the development plan for future updates but Fourier cannot guarantee the fixed problem-solving period or final release date of this fix.

6.2. The response period depends on the current technical support service workload. A problem or inquiry is normally resolved within 24-48 hours upon receipt of a request or additional information from a customer.

Technical Support Procedure

Methods of Contact

The Fourier Help Desk is the central point of contact for all technical support, including Fourier product hardware and software-related questions as well as product consulting, installation support, pre and post-sales inquiries, and troubleshooting.

The Help Desk can be contacted through the following channels 24 hours a day:

  1. Via email:
  2. Via Web support forms:
  3. Via Telephone (to USA Help Desk):
    International +1 (708) 478-5333
    Within USA only (toll-free) 1-866-771-6682

Voice mail service is available in the event staff is not available to answer the call.

Hours of Operation

The Help Desk is located in the USA and is normally available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time (3:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT). Exceptions include closure due to holidays.

Phone coverage may not be available at all times.

When phone coverage is not available urgent inquiries can be submitted via email to the Help Desk (see section Methods of Contact).

Levels of Support and Target Response Time

Includes support via Email, telephone or Web form.

Note: Target Response Time is defined as the time between receipt of the issue by the Fourier Help Desk engineer and response to customer inquiry by the Help Desk engineer. 

First Level: This is the first line of Fourier’s Help Desk management. Normally most inquiries are resolved at the first level by the support engineer. Response time: Within 48 hours on working days of receipt of customer inquiry by Help Desk engineer.

Second Level: If the First Level support is not able to resolve an issue, then the Level 1 support engineer contacts the Level 2 support engineer. In most cases where Level 2 support is involved the case is resolved within 24 hours of the Level 2 support engineer receiving the case. Response time: Within 24 hours on working days of receipt of Level 1 escalation.

Further escalations: Cases not resolved by Level 2 support engineer are deemed to be cases involving faulty products repairable under the RMA process or requiring hardware/software development to fix bugs. As outlined in the General Regulations section above, Fourier cannot guarantee the release date of any fix requiring development work.

Prioritization: Technical support requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Fourier reserves the right to assign different priority level for each support request. Highest priority will be given to problems that impact multiple users or that leave a user or group of users with no way to perform their duties using Fourier products.

Problem Resolution: If the initial Help Desk response did not resolve the customer inquiry, then Fourier aims to successfully close the inquiry within 72 hours on working days. If no response has been received from the Help Desk, then you may escalate to the Fourier Customer Service Director at email:

Onsite Support: Fourier Help Desk does not provide direct onsite support. This is provided by the Fourier distributor, or by Fourier Help Desk technicians under a separate, extended SLA between customer and Fourier.

Customer Responsibility: The customer is expected to provide sufficient and accurate information regarding the product inquiry in accordance to the above stated guidelines. Misleading or inaccurate information can cause delays in the ability of the Help Desk engineer to provide the required support.

Product Repair Process (RMA)

Once Fourier’s Technical Support team agrees that a product must be returned to Fourier’s premises for repair, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process must be initialized.

  1. The customer will send an RMA form to the Help Desk engineer who will then create an RMA number and enter the RMA details into Fourier’s ERP software. The RMA will be returned to the customer with the RMA number included.1.1. The RMA form for Educational products is available at: All fields on the RMA form must be completed correctly in order to speed up the RMA process, including detailed description of the product fault/s.
  1. Warranty status of the products is determined according to the customer’s warranty agreement with Fourier.2.1. If an item is not under warranty, the customer will be notified and estimated repair costs will be provided.
    2.2. The customer can decide to approve or not approve these costs. If not approved then the RMA is cancelled
    2.3. If the customer has approved RMA repair costs then Fourier will require a form of payment prior to issuing the RMA number e.g. PO or credit card details.
  2. The customer will include the RMA form (with RMA number) together with the shipment of products/s back to Fourier, following the shipping procedures set out in the RMA form.Note: Only after receiving an RMA number may the faulty products be shipped back to Fourier. Any shipment received without an RMA number will be returned to the customer on the customer expense! 
  1. The customer will receive verification that the RMA has arrived at Fourier.
  2. The RMA will be handled and returned to the customer within two weeks of receiving it at Fourier premises. The customer will be informed when the RMA is shipped out.
  3. The customer will be notified of any delay in the handling or delivery of the RMA and will be given an updated RMA shipment date.
  4. Damage caused to products during transportation is customer’s responsibility and may also negate the product warranty.
  5. For RMAs under warranty, customer covers shipping costs to Fourier and Fourier covers return shipping costs to customer. If upon inspection of RMA, Fourier discovers customer has breached warranty conditions e.g. misuse of product, the customer will be charged shipping costs both ways.
  6. For RMAs not under warranty customer covers all shipping costs, both ways. Refer to the Warranty Conditions section below for a list of non-warranty products.
  7. For RMAs returned to a customer that upon customer inspection still exhibit original problem as described in RMA form, Fourier will cover shipping costs of additional repair, both ways.

Warranty Conditions

Note: Fourier Systems is not responsible for any product warranty between Fourier’s distributors and their end users.

Fourier’s warranty terms as outlined below are relevant only for customers who purchase directly from Fourier and not via a Fourier distributor.

Fourier offers a standard one year limited warranty with purchase of all of its products (unless otherwise stated).  Additional extended warranties are also available and are outlined below.

The general terms of the Limited Warranty are stated below. The full Limited Warranty terms are available on the Fourier websites.

Global Limited Warranty

  1. The Limited Warranty covers a period of one year effective from the product shipment date, as stated on the shipping invoice. Fourier warrants that within this period all items will be free from significant defects in material and workmanship.
  2. This limited warranty does not cover:
    2.1. Software, including the operating system and software added to the product through our factory-integration system, third-party software, or the reloading of software
    2.2. Non-Fourier branded accessories with missing or altered service tags or serial numbers
    2.3. Products for which Fourier has not received payment
    2.4. Broken displays
    2.5. Breakage causes by abuse, neglect, misuse not in accordance with instructions supplied by Fourier.
    2.6. Consumables such as batteries, cables, carrying cases, cuvettes, electrodes, sensor accessories, software CDs, storage solutions or buffers, and printed user guides.
  3. Products deemed DOA (Dead on Arrival) are products failing 30 days from shipment date. These products will be replaced by Fourier at no extra cost, including two way shipment costs between the customer and Fourier.
  4. Shipments for replacements under warranty will be paid by Fourier only one way (to the customer).

Advanced Support Service / Customized SLA

Fourier customers are also able to purchase more comprehensive SLA’s from Fourier, with separate terms to be negotiated between Fourier and the customer.

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